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Due to many of the http:/www.tndfanfic.myfreeforum.org user moaning about us lovely lot posting our Karen and Chris / Karen or Nicky fic on the TnD fan fiction site i have taken some time to think things over and if you have a fic relating to Karen and Chris or Karen and Nicky you are welcome to post it on here where you are not going to be moaned at or had a go at for posting you Karen fics on our website!

So Guys the fun starts here get posting all you Karen and Chris or Karen and Nicky fics here I'm sure other members of this website would love to hear you made up fiction about these 3 lovely people

May i ask you if your posting fics on the website they MUST have a DISCLAiMER or the fic will be moved by myself admin to this site due to the fact Karen or Family could access this from their home and would be extremely upset if things are wroten about them and the contain no disclaimer



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Here's my one to start us off! it leads into all different paths! at the moment i haven't got around to finding the time to update it

I will never break your heart again!  I promise


Disclaimer - I don't own anyone mentioned here.

This is a Karen Barber and Nicky Slater fic.

Ratin 12


Sitting in her front room of her house she shared with her husband Stephen Pickavance the sassy blond recieved a phone call.

"Hello?" answered Karen

"Hi this that Miss Barber?" the man on the phone asked

"Yes it is, How can I help you" Karen replied

"I'm calling for ITV, We have or well making a show called Dancing On Ice. It involves teaching celebrities to skate with professional skaters where they will learn the basics and then be given a routine to learn and perform by the ledgenary Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean and we were wondering if you would like to come Judge as well as being a assistant coach along side Jayne and Chris?" the man spoke slowly

"wow, I need to consider it and talk to my husband can I ring you back?" asked a rather shocked Karen.

"Yes sure, take all the time you need Miss Barber"

"Its Karen, Please call me Karen!"

"Sorry, yes sure Karen thats fine take as long as you need" the man replied

"ok thanks bye"


Hanging up and putting the phone back on the arm of the chair she watch her two girls Emma 18 and Laura 16 play monopoly together. Karen treasured her girls and loved them dearly. Standing up off of the sofa, Karen went in search of Stephen and spoke to him about Dancing On Ice. As always he was fine about it and surprised Karen by saying I had the same phone call about becoming assistant coach.

later on into the evening Karen rang the ITV bosses back and greatfully told them that her and Stephen would simply love to. Little did she know that her Ex- skating partner was going to be a Judge as well. His Name was Nicky Slater.

Karen and Nicky hadn't spoken for years so thing were not to good for them after Nicky found religion and got married to some damn women called Christine.

CHAPTER 2 - First day of training

Karen arrived at Elstree studios and went into her dressingroom to get changed into her training clothes. It was still early and no-one was around not even Stephen, he was at home get the kids ready to go to his brother's for the time that they would be away.

Walking out onto the studio floor Karen sat on a seat took her shoes off and put her skates on lacing them up. Standing up she took her skate guards off and stepped on the ice being to make laps around the rink and warming up. She felt loney out there but didn't realise that she was being watched. Watched by her first love and Ex- skating partner

She continued skating around until she felt a pair of very strong hands on her hips, skidding to a holt, she turn't around to come to face to face with her long term Ex-skating partner. "Nicky!" she breathed with a sigh. "Come here you!" pulling Karen into his embrace they had both missed eachother and both of them knew it.

No matter what Nicky had done, Karen still loved him deep inside and had forgave him a very long time ago but to Nicky he didn't know that.

"I missed you!" Karen said with tears in her eyes almost threathening to spill. "I missed you too" came Nicky's reply. Before either of them notice Karen and Nicky had claimed eachother's lips

"Aah, Nicky! We can't! Karen whispered! "I'm married now and have two daughters, I can't go around kissing you or any other man in that matter". "What so you can go around kissing Christopher Dean?" Nicky exclaimed. "Kissing Chris?, Nicky what the hell are you talking about?" Karen demanded

"Karen its all over the papers! you and Chris went out for dinner the over night and were papped kissing!" "Nicky!" Karen sighed "I was upset and it wasn't ment to happen but It did it, didn't i? I ended up kissing Chr......"! Stephen entered the rink "Ended up kissing who Kar? Little did Karen know Stephen had that days paper that had all about his wife and Christopher Dean were plastered across the front page. Stephen was waiting to see whether or not Karen would tell him the truth.

"Nicky stay here!, I need to tell Stephen what happened! sorry i will be back soon!" Karen said

Karen skated over to the kiss and cry area and sat on the step and explained what happened three nights ago outside the restaurant. Luckily Stephen understood that she was struggling with home life and that she needed someone other then him to let her feelings out to.

Karen stood up, but as she went to skate away Stephen pulled her towards him and pulled her into a warming hug. whispering little nothings in her ear. Making Karen smile, pulling away they shared a kiss. They pulled away and Karen made her way back over to Nicky whilst Stephen made his way to the training rink.

Karen and Nicky started skating around again not realising that Nicky was going to pick her up and cuddle her in his arms, making his way with Karen in his arms over to the ice panel he placed Karen down on the panel and stood in between her legs, cuddling her, talking a load of rubbish before she hushed him with a long lasting passionate kiss.

what do you guys think?


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